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Gilly Jones Cobnut Products

The cobnuts used in these cobnut treats are grown on the National Trust’s Ightham Mote estate on a traditional site which has been lovingly restored by Gilly and her team of volunteers. The five-acre orchard, or ‘plat’, contains nut trees which are anything from 100 to 150 years old as well as an area of trees planted in the first years of the 21st century.

A proportion of the crop is set aside for the expanding range of cobnut products such as a granola-muesli with dried-and-diced, locally-grown Bramley apples and chocolate bars with roasted cobnuts. These can be found on sale in local outlets and farmers’ markets and are available online via the website.

Cobnuts in bulk can be supplied to all parts of the United Kingdom as well as smaller quantities of cobnuts de-husked and in their shells. 

Pick your own is available by prior arrangement.

Gilly Jones Cobnut Products

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*I offer an expanding range of cobnut products and delicacies, available online and at local outlets. I also supply cobnuts in shell and an expanding range of cobnut products, available locally and online. PYO ‘by prior arrangement’